Sometimes we feel lost and confused – or we need guidance on a specific decision. Sometimes we ask ourselves where we are spiritually, or what is holding us back?

We are in dis-ease, physical pain or distress and need help. I can work with the physical, the emotional and spiritual bodies.

The guidance, direction, tools and messages are whispered from above and within, from me to you or from yourself. I am blessed to be the channel for energy healing, to help you receive messages or just help unlock the innate wisdom within you.

Reiki can also assist you on your path of healing – be it physical, emotional and/or spiritually. Reiki is truly a very powerful and effective healing modality. It is more than just a treatment – it is life changing. It becomes a way of life. Reiki has changed my life, it can chanage yours too.

You never have to go through things alone.

My coaching, readings and treatments can be done in person or on-line. I am also available to do Skype and Facebook appointments – any time scheduled.

My workshops are all about TURN IT AROUND! Focussing on how to turn your life, circumstances, relationships around.

Do you have a question re healing or do you need guidance?

Feel free to email your question here and see what message and/or guidance you receive...please note that this online event will run alongside our whispered guidance sessions for you to experience a glimpse of what a full #whisperedguidance session might be like for YOU.

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  • Tel: 021 553 0358
  • Mobile: 076 576 1664
  • Melkbos, Western Cape

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