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Heal within, heal without
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What we accept flows
What we resist persists
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Turn around into peace
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Let the reading be the teaching
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Hear your wisdom within

How does it feel to be free?
How does it feel to in complete harmony with your life?
Is abundance and joy just for some?
How do we life with complete acceptance?
How do we unlock miracles in our lives?

All of this is possible and in our ability to bring into our lives.  We don't have to suffer pain, resentment, barriers or block to our spiritual intention and purpose.  It is true that many of life's challenges and circumstances are part of our journeys - yet, it is not those that determine our outcomes in life - it is HOW we choose to BE with whatever happens in our lives that makes all the difference.  

You can be free – free from physical pain, emotional pain and/or spiritual pain. Once we clear the mind from judgement and limitations, the soul becomes free and able to guide your life differently, your purpose, your choices, your physical and emotional being.  You are open to LOVE, ABUNDANCE, JOY and CONTENTMENT.

This is INNER HARMONY with your world, people and circumstances.

I facilitate Angel Therapy sessions, working with the Angelic Realm for your healing and Inner Harmony.  I empower and teach you to do the same, to use the help of your Guides and Angels with every aspect of your healing, your purpose and the guidance you may need.  All sessions are completely guided and working closely and helping you to work with the Archangels on all areas of your earthly journey.

Serving as the channel to facilitate healing and guidance we offer group sessions, Angel parties, intuitive energy healing sessions, workshops and private one on one sessions and readings - very often a combination session as we are Guided to do. 

Do you want to grow spiritually and develop your Divine Communication? I also serve as a mentor and spiritual coach and REIKI Master - teaching spiritual development, Reiki I, II and Masters.

The Light and Love within Me is there for YOU.  Find your peace, your healing and allowing Divine Love to change your life. 

Divine Intervention can assist us to release, heal and move forward with our lives.  How does one describe a gift and a purpose that is very often judged as “wrong”, a “sin” or in some instance all “fake”?

It has taken me a long time to step into my purpose with ease, grace, confidence and gratitude.

healing moon

Very young in my career, I always displayed a unique and uncanny ability to “understand” people, to intuitively know what the problem and/or solution was, be it in my corporate HR career, my tenure as training facilitator and other projects I undertook.  I was always recognized for my unique ability to make a difference with every person I came into contact with, not knowing at the time which gifts I was really tapping into.

As my journey progressed in life, my need to heal and work with wounded hearts and souls became stronger and stronger and I was more and more drawn to the alternative healing modalities.  As I was being taught, empowered and expanded on my healing and intuitive abilities, I soon realized that I can see and hear much more than I ever thought was possible.
At first, yes I was really afraid.  Self-judgement, Christian values and labelling was mostly at the root of that fear.  I stepped into my role as healer, using many “other” healing modalities and only “allowed” my gift to come to the fore in the privacy of the treatment room – many clients being astounded at the level of accuracy, know-how and wisdom as they were guided through their own healing journey’s.

Yet, this was not my own guidance  but those of the Angels, Guides and Spirit workers assigned to us, with very life path, every situation and every learning experience – working through me.
Even in the corporate training room, seeing and hearing the guides and angels, as I am being prompted to speak specifics that only that person would understand – necessary for their “a-ha” moment or personal shift.  There are no co-incidences for who you meet and where you are at any given point in time.

Being psychic with the ability to see, hear and intuitively feel the wisdom and guidance from Heaven to me today, is a precious and valuable gift.  I understand and know that I am a vessel for healing and that people cross my path because they need to receive healing.

Healing come in many different forms – sometimes it’s a new realization, sometimes its “seeing” a physical condition that may prompt a medical visit – most times it is breaking old patterns and habits that causes us stress and distress.
Being able to tap into that place of Higher Wisdom and your own Higher Self, assist you to look at life completely differently – not trapped by labels, judgement, fear and doubt.  Viewing life as being limitless and free, experiencing loving kindness and gratitude…don’t we all want to live like this?

And that is what a session, a reading or a healing entails – clear, spiritual guidance to help you unlock your own being, your soul person.
We are not only physical bodies, we are not what our limited minds tell us we are – WE ARE SO MUCH MORE, and we need to tap into that in order to expand and experience our greatness.
There is a magnitude of heavenly helpers assigned to us by God.  The Angels are extensions of His unconditional love, each assigned with a specific “area of expertise” if you like.  Ascended Masters and Guides are beings who have walked and lived on the earth before, who understand our humanness.  Our ancestors or loved ones are precious deceased family members who are always with us, guiding us from a different place and looking out for us. 

There are many realms of Angels, many specific categories of Masters, Guides and Spirit helpers – it is all very organized and structured and for me, this is the biggest miracle!  The biggest gift and help I believe, God in His Infinite Wisdom, has supplied us.  Ultimately so we can grow and evolve within our soul being, striving towards unconditional love - that is the ultimate purpose.
Why would we then not allow ourselves to unwrap this present?  Allow ourselves to be led and guided and to receive the help we need to heal from our mistakes, hurt, trials and fears?
In my journey I came to understand that God is the overseer of all and that He is the Source. Working with His helpers does not mean I do not acknowledge and understand the hierarchy or serve another above Him.

Today I don’t fear being in the presence of Angels, Guides or deceased love ones.  Every time that I see, hear or feel a presence, I am excited about the message of love, hope and healing this will bring.  Every time I am able to unite precious hearts and re-establish a connection when people felt it was too late, I am filled with immense gratitude and love.
My journey today has led me to step into and fully embrace therefore this gift.  To receive with open arms and an open heart whatever wisdom I am to pass onto others.  To be willing to receive and serve as a channel for those who ask and need this light within me.

I am completely ok with that.

Do you have a question re healing or do you need guidance?

Feel free to email your question here and see what message and/or guidance you receive...please note that this online event will run alongside our whispered guidance sessions for you to experience a glimpse of what a full #whisperedguidance session might be like for YOU.

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