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Heal within, heal without
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What we accept flows
What we resist persists
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Turn around into peace
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Let the reading be the teaching
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Hear your wisdom within

How does it feel to be free?
How does it feel to in complete harmony with your life?
Is abundance and joy just for some?
How do we life with complete acceptance?
How do we unlock miracles in our lives?

All of this is possible and in our ability to bring into our lives.  We don't have to suffer pain, resentment, barriers or block to our spiritual intention and purpose.  It is true that many of life's challenges and circumstances are part of our journeys - yet, it is not those that determine our outcomes in life - it is HOW we choose to BE with whatever happens in our lives that makes all the difference.  

You can be free – free from physical pain, emotional pain and/or spiritual pain. Once we clear the mind from judgement and limitations, the soul becomes free and able to guide your life differently, your purpose, your choices, your physical and emotional being.  You are open to LOVE, ABUNDANCE, JOY and CONTENTMENT.

This is INNER HARMONY with your world, people and circumstances.

I facilitate Angel Therapy sessions, working with the Angelic Realm for your healing and Inner Harmony.  I empower and teach you to do the same, to use the help of your Guides and Angels with every aspect of your healing, your purpose and the guidance you may need.  All sessions are completely guided and working closely and helping you to work with the Archangels on all areas of your earthly journey.

Serving as the channel to facilitate healing and guidance we offer group sessions, Angel parties, intuitive energy healing sessions, workshops and private one on one sessions and readings - very often a combination session as we are Guided to do. 

Do you want to grow spiritually and develop your Divine Communication? I also serve as a mentor and spiritual coach and REIKI Master - teaching spiritual development, Reiki I, II and Masters.

The Light and Love within Me is there for YOU.  Find your peace, your healing and allowing Divine Love to change your life. 

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